About Me
I believe that prayer changes those who use it most.  I believe that wherever one goes, they must go with all of their heart, even if they have to drag it behind them...  
(a little duck tape might work too)
I've been a gopher most of my life, you know, I go fer this and I go fer that. I have tried many things but seem to have settled on these main areas as a writer, speaker and photographer. I do enjoy getting out for a good walk as well, but that's beside the point... 
As an Author:
  • Songs
  • Short Inspirational Insights
  • Books, Novels
  • Childrens, (I'm currently in the process of completing one)
  • Attempting a fictional, I'll let you know how that turns out!

Regarding Outreach:
  • Mentor
  • Disicple
  • Awaken others through their gifts and callings

As an Photographer:
  • Landscapes
  • Seniors
  • Weddings
  • Journalistic Style
  • Photoshop Credited

donmarie@live.com     (775) 299-7733